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  • яндекс программа передач доверие

яндекс программа передач доверие

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Luang Pho Perm or than-ajran phrankru wimonteepakut (somkaanie) khunnathammo, was born at anghtong sub district of koh samui district suratthani. He is the third elder among his four member in the family. During childhood, he studied thai like most thai children in generally in. It was untill he could write and read thai, then he learnt ancient language and geometrical at seventeen, he was ordained as a novice for a year. after tnat he, as a layman helped his parents in the plantation. when 21 year if age, he dicided to ordained again as a monk, he was recognized and respected by people in the area. He then was promoted to be temple principal and sub - district principal for 30 years until his passing a way on january 9,1976, ( he was 87 years old then but his body in still in remarkably good condition ). Luang pho poo rerm. led a solitary life with ingl meal each day and mediatation...