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спортивный канал матч премьер


Необычные отели Великобритании и Ирландии Unusual Hotels UK & Ireland Jonglez Publishing 2009 ISBN 9782915807523 206x155 мм 208 с. на английском языке Мягкая обложка Вес: 500 г. Escaping the mass market to find unusual hotels, bed and breakfast properties as well as holiday lets, this guide lists UK and Ireland properties providing value-for-money memories that will last long after the bill has been paid. Selected from the award-winning online guide, this selection of properties offers unusual and unique accomodation choices for all budgets, from & 163;25 for singles to suites costing more than & 163;550 a night. Take your pick from vintage Airstream caravans, a converted naval gunboat, an enchanted manor, water towers, windmills, monuments and lighthouses, peaceful retreats in tipis and Mongolian yurts, as well as prisons, chapels and churches. Try staying at a property where you have to be accompanied by a dog. Enjoy the elegance of a a royal palace in Surrey or rock’n’roll chic in London. Stop the train at with a private railway platform in Snowdonia. Experience living in castles, follies and magnificent monuments, including one dedicated to a pineapple. Take a trip in a horse- drawn caravans in Ireland or aVolkswagen camper van in Bristol. You can even sleep with wildebeest outside your room on safari in Kent.